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The Daily Light on the Daily Path

Often in daily posts on Facebook I mention the DAILY LIGHT ON THE DAILY PATH, the devotional we use each day in our family Bible reading and prayer times. We love it because it is the pure Word of God, Scriptures put together on a certain theme for each morning and evening.

Currently, I have available the NKJV of the DAILY LIGHT which you can purchase. 

This book is especially a wonderful help to those who are not familiar with conducting Family Devotions. And more especially, for husbands who have never experienced it growing up and now feel inadequate in doing it with their own families.

This book is the answer. The father doesn’t have to do any preparation. All he needs to do is turn to the date, and there are the Scriptures waiting for him to read. It’s all done for you. I recommend it heartily.

I am also preparing a new DAILY LIGHT. It is a King James Version and at the beginning of each month I share creative ideas that we use in our home that help to keep children attentive and listening all the way through. Oh, it is so easy for our children to get into dreamland while we read! I must confess, it is easy for me to get into dreamland!

Therefore, we need exciting ways to keep our children participating and listening intently. I know you are going to love this. The writing is now completed and should be published and ready for you in a month or two.

If you would like to order the NKJV DAILY LIGHT in the meantime, go to: http://bit.ly/DailyLightDailyPath

~ Nancy